Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome to ActiveCommerceGuild

I would like to welcome you to ActiveCommerce Guild. The purpose of this blog is to help you deploy ActiveCommerce on your new or existing Sitecore instances.

Many of you have been through or about to go through the pain of implementing Sitecore E-Commerce Services on your Sitecore instance.  Rather than suffering through filling all the holes and fixing all the bugs, why not purchase ActiveCommerce since it is built on top of Sitecore E-Commerce Services and has already resolved all those bugs and filled in all those holes to provide you with a full solution.

Read Watch Create has experience working on a few different Sitecore projects that have implemented ActiveCommerce, including an implementation including both ActiveCommerce and Coveo.

We look forward to offering you additional instructions, tips, tricks and resources to help you have a successful ActiveCommerce integration.

If you are thinking about ActiveCommerce for your e-commerce need or currently have ActiveCommerce and need some guidance, please email Chris Williams at and I would be happy to help where we can or recommend the proper resources.

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